Yogurt Smash!

There are so many types of yogurt in
the grocery store: some low in fat and
high in sugar, some with cute animal
pictures. Some are Greek. Some have
chocolate shavings and candy. Some
have names like “key lime pie.”
Now forget about all of that. The
best value for your money are the
big buckets of plain yogurt. The fat
content is your choice—just check that
it doesn’t contain gelatin and you’re
all set. Starting with plain yogurt,
you can make super flavors in your
own kitchen, where you know exactly
what’s going into it.
If you have kids, ask them what
flavors they can imagine and go make
it! It’s a lot more fun than letting
the supermarket choose for you. Try
something new and smash it in! Check
out the ideas on the adjoining page.
If you want a thicker Greek-style
yogurt, all you have to do is strain
regular American yogurt through
cheesecloth to remove the extra water.
Yogurt’s versatility makes it a great
staple to keep in the fridge. Mix it with
some of the items you see on the next
page or turn it into a savory sauce like
raita (p. 122) or tzatziki (p. 123).

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