Diabetes Art Day 2011

The opportunity to use the very trash that I create with blood checks, pump changes, and all other things diabetes related to create a work of art excites me and I’m even more excited because we have a day where we get to showcase that art, Diabetes Art Day! Which just happens to be today.  I’m coming out of blogging haiatus just to share my masterpiece! (I think I did the same thing last year.)

As I was making this piece, which has been in my head for almost a year, I had several thoughts.

  • Me being a perfectionist and seeing things in my head and not being able to get them out the way I see them made me wonder if it was that kind of scenario that caused Picasso’s art to go all funky and if that’s why Salvidor Dali’s art was droopy.  Those movements had to start from something, so was it that they had one bad day where the art didn’t come out of their head the way they imagined and BAM! check out this new art revolution.
  • Lee Ann, who was the mastermind behind Diabetes Art Day, is an art therapist.  And I was thinking that if I was actually in art therapy, nothing would ever get created because it takes a year for my idea to perculate in my head and then there’s lots of time waiting for stuff to dry and it’s so meticulous…basically I’d have a session, wait almost a year, and then it’d have to be like a week of nights where the art therapist observed me while I cut and painted and put stuff in the oven and got mad because I did things in the wrong order, frowned because stuff didn’t come out of my head the way I wanted, bled because my art was a hazard to myself, and then smiled because my masterpiece was complete.
  • If my masterpiece was in a museum it would be in a glass case because it’s hazardous.

And now, without further ado, I present to you my grand masterpiece:

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