Unleash The Beast – Diabetes Art Day 2013

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There are many days that pay homage to diabetes.  But my favorite day that pays homage to diabetes is Diabetes Art Day.  This year, Feb 4th (yesterday) was the 4th Annual Diabetes Art Day.  Honestly, it’s the only ‘diabetes’ day that I thouroughly enjoy.

I wrote last year about how I enjoy watching the trash (re: diabetes supplies remains) piling up and seeing the idea in my head.  This years idea has been a year in the head.  Where it started in my head and where it ended up in real life are very different, but I can say without a doubt, this is my favorite piece.  It’s perfect!  There was only one moment of criticism and I’m blaming that on the low blood sugar I was experiencing when I got frustrated with the piece.

Unleash the Beast - Diabetes Art Day 2013

I refer to diabetes as ‘the best’ it rears its ugly head and causes me anger. It interrupts my life. It won’t go away. I’m tangled in it no matter how far I try to get away. These are feelings that no matter how hard I try to suppress them don’t go away.  No amount of “I’m going to do this and feel better about diabetes” disappates the level of severity regarding those feelings.

I spend an ungodly amount of time fighting with diabetes thinking I’ll win.   I think it needs to be reigned in, controlled better.  These aren’t new thoughts.   They’re 20 year old thoughts that I thought would eventually go away if I ignored them.  But they don’t.  They may exist forever, and this piece celebrates that fight.

Me (the shark) fighting diabetes (the squid) keeps diabetes on a leash, an unnecessary leash.  It’s like the dog that will mostly obey you if you take of the leash and walk not hounding it.  That’s how diabetes is in my life.  If I learn to live with it and not try to force it onto a path it will never be on because I don’t (did I just say that, “I don’t”) have control over all variables surrounding the diabetes I’ll be able to live with it without fighting it.  I have to ‘Unleash the Beast’.

Sure it may run into the unsuspecting neighbors yard, but for the most part, it will walk along side me at the pace I want to go.

If you’re wondering what a shark and squid have to do with taking a dog on a walk, I don’t blame you….what can I say, I have an affinity for creatures of the sea.  All that matters is, I get to be the shark….diabetes can be the squid that trys to strangle me, but I’m bigger and stronger than it (that may not be true to real life scenarios but this is my world and what I say goes, LOL)

3 Rookie Marks On Unleash The Beast – Diabetes Art Day 2013

  1. How amazing!

    ...said Colleen on February 5th, 2013
  2. Yay! Courtney! :-)

    Love this piece. Beast indeed.

    ...said Scott K. Johnson on February 9th, 2013
  3. Wow, this is fantastic!!! :)

    ...said Karen on February 13th, 2013

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