Starting Over Means Starting ALL Over

By Courtney | No Rookie Marks »

There are things that athletes know, like, if you decide to take a break from training and racing you’re going to have to rebuild to where you were. You can’t start where you left off, you have to do lower reps, less weight, slower speed, shorter distances and build back up. I’m cool with that part. I haven’t done anything since Oct 28 and I recognize that I have to start back at the beginning…Not a problem.

The part I’m not cool with is the diabetes part and how I can’t just use the algorithm I left off with when it comes to training. How I have to start all over with the diabetes aspect as well. (Nevermind that I’m having to start over with all aspects of diabetes anyhow right now.)

The point here being, before I stopped training I knew exactly what to eat and how much to lower my insulin regardless of the amount or kind of exercise that I was going to be doing…my basal rates are still the same…it should all work the same…that’s a foul assumption on my part apparently because it’s not working…

I know this is another one of those areas where I’m going to have to learn from the idiocy called not taking care of myself…but this is probably one of the more frustrating areas of regaining control of everything…there’s nothing worse than the low blood sugars while working out…except maybe the excrutiatingly high blood sugars…

I’ve got to find my balance again…and it takes forever to get there…but I’ll get there…hopefully sooner rather than later.

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