Mental Vacations

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In the past couple months, I’ve probably taken more mental vacations in my downtime than I have in total if you added up all my mental vacations since I graduated from college. They’ve become a high necessity in my life these days. Mental vacations for me are a bath, a book, and an Izze. Bubbles are optional and the Izze is well worth the 30 carbs and shot of insulin.

One of my friends got me these awesome fizzy bath things that I love, and that made me go hunting online for somewhere where I could buy them and have many many choices, and now, my favorite website for bath fizzies is…dun dun dun…Blissful Bath. They have cupcakes for bathtime…what can be better than that???

When stress builds and tempers flare and I’m in need of alone time, anyone elses world is better than my own. In the past several months I’ve traveled to Australia, China, Egypt and many other places I can’t remember…Russia…. I’ve been in a prison that warped through time to the prehistoric age and got stuck with the dinosaurs (go figure that in that trip the supply of insulin was a huge problem). I’ve seen love and death. I’ve watched people die in fires. Went through months of watching someone die from getting hit by a car while riding their bike. I’ve seen a family torn apart by 500 years of fighting brought back together.

The books take me away from the day’s stress and puts me in a place where I don’t have to worry about me…I just have to know about “what happens next”…those mental vacations are a good thing…

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