Diabetes Art (DArt) Day 2010

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Today is Diabetes Art Day (DArt Day).

diabetes art day

I almost missed it because I’ve been so disconnect from the D-community lately because diabetes has been an epic aggrevation in my life as of late. Luckily, I still talk to Lee Ann, the brains behind Diabetes Art Day and in talking to her, I was inspired to pick up a piece of art that I had started in December but had gotten aggrevated by it. You see, I see things in my head and I had an idea for a fine piece of art using diabetes trash supplies, but because I couldn’t get what was in my head onto the canvas I got frustrated and walked away from it (do you see a pattern here).

So, I picked up the canvas I had begun and went to work. I scrapped a large piece of what was in my head and looked at what I had in ways of diabetes trash supplies.

Art Supplies

With the predetermined idea of what my piece was going to look like thrown out the door I laid some paint on the canvas and went to work. It turns out that art can take out the frustration of whatever’s going on without adding more frustration if we don’t have any predisposed ideas of what we’re doing. And that’s just what I did…I headed in a direction where I half knew what I was doing, and half didn’t know. And this is the final result:

Whale Of A Tale.  DArtDay 2010

I’ve entitled it “Whale of a Tale”, but you’ll have to stay tuned for tomorrow to hear the whale of a tale is. In the meantime, you’re welcome to give your own insights on the whale of a tale that the picture imparts on you :)

3 Rookie Marks On Diabetes Art (DArt) Day 2010

  1. Courtney, I have tears in my eyes from reading that and seeing what a fabulous piece of art you created! It’s really stunning, and I hope you’re as excited to post it as I am to see it complete and in its entirety. I’m so glad this brought you back to your blog to post, even if it’s just to show your art and share the story behind it. I just love the symbolism of it.

    Big hugs to you for participating in Diabetes Art Day! Your mixed media painting is truly killer! (Yes, I’m a dork, but it had to be said…)

    ...said Lee Ann Thill on September 1st, 2010
  2. Courtney! That is AMAZING!!! The whales made of strips?! Wow!

    ...said Scott K. Johnson on September 5th, 2010

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