A Brief Look At The 2010 Albuquerque Century Tour de Cure

By Courtney | 1 Rookie Mark »

As I was riding today in the Albuquerque Century Tour de Cure I was tweeting and txting a friend who was also riding. This was a recap of my ride (stuff in parens is my commentary):

6AM 1 hr to ride time

7:55 13 miles down

9:10 30 miles in, have yet to see 2nd stop station

9:36 35 miles. 2nd rest stop. half way there. blood sugars holding up. still feeling good. starting to get hot.

10:46 42 miles in. out in the middle of nowhere. my joy is gone (had been riding for 7 miles at a 7-9mph pace in an atrocious headwind at this point, and there really was nothing out there, couldn’t even shortcut the route)

11:56 not done yet. 56 miles in. cramped up and hurtin. i want ice cream.

11:58 it’s really bad when riders are lookin for gas stations to get water

11:59 oh. but I got to go fast down a hill (37 mph) so I’m good and my blood sugars are still holding up

12:08PM 57 miles. rest stop 3

1:06 69 miles done. i do not want to see a bike for a very long time

1:47 ok. i’m all better now. & I look forward to the next time i see my bike. a rockstar (recovery, love that non-carbonated lemonade stuff) and a good positive convo with the race director fixed me

2:06 hahaha covered in salt. i think that means i had a good hard ride.

2:31 i have a salt stain on the crotch of my shorts. lol

3:47 my butt has “hey i was riding my bike for 69 miles” scrapes. that’s a first. (it actually isn’t my butt, it’s more like my thighs, and they hurt, and they’re not so much scraped as they are rubbed raw)

More in-depth posts to come soon, but I wanted to post this while it was fresh on the brain :)

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  1. Hey, if you are heading to the Utah tour (June 12) I’d love to say hello! I’ll be riding in just my second tour (1st was about 15 years ago in Hamlin, NY) to celebrate 25 years of living ‘sweet’.

    ...said Janine on June 7th, 2010

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