Racing Is Like Christmas

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Race days, charity ride days, any sporting event day that I had to pay to participate in …those days cause inordinate amounts of excitement.

I’m like a little kid at Christmas time who’s all giddy because they know they’re going to get something great under the Christmas tree. They can’t sleep, they can’t wait till everyone else is awake, they stand at the tree jumping up and down until they get a gift in their hand. Can you see it? It’s possible you were one of those kids.

The excitement begins with packet pick up which is typically the day before the race. We go, sign our lives away on waivers and get our race bib and goody bag. At most races we get a tshirt of some sort and a water bottle. But for me, more exciting than the tshirt and water bottle is the race bib. The race bib is like that one present you get to open on Christmas Eve. It’s the one that starts you thinking “oh man, tomorrow’s gonna rock, I got a great gift today I can’t see what’s under the tree tomorrow.”

Then tomorrow comes and we’re racing. There’s all kinds of excitement. You drive to the place where the event starts and get all excited to see other vehicles with bikes on them, or maybe stickers that say: Ironman, 26.2, USAT, 140.6, My sport is your sport’s punishment, etc. People are getting out of their cars and getting ready to race and we’re jumping around or stretching to warm up. We’re pulling the gear out of our cars. The adrenaline rush begins.

We move to the start line and hear the gun and we’re off. There’s something about being in a large pack of people that are doing what you’re doing, enjoying it right along side you that makes race days like Christmas morning.

The gift of it all is knowing that you went out there and did something that so few people do when you look at the whole world as a whole. It’s knowing that you went out there and accomplished something. It’s knowing that there’s something exciting about knowing that your race results are posted on the web for all eternity. It’s just a beautiful thing.

It’s exhilarating, it’s hard to contain, and you can’t wait till the next time you get to be there with “your” people, doing it again. It’s a craved thing. It’s an exciting thing. It’s an adrenaline pumping thing. It’s a thing, a Christmas day like thing.

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  1. Well said, Courtney. You make me want to find a race this weekend, even though I’ve done nothing to prepare.

    ...said Jerry on June 4th, 2010

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