Lack of Accuracy Pertubs Me

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A little over a week ago I sat in the ER to get a finger stitched back up. Before having the luxury of sitting and waiting for a nurse to come do what I knew needed to be done I went through…what I guess is called triage. The lady took my vitals and made note of important stuff…like what medications I was on.

When she asked what medications I was taking I said Novolog. She said she didn’t have that in her system (because everything was computer driven). She’s going down the list: we’ve got pork NPH, beef NPH, human NPH…and I interrupt not quite knowing about all these flavors of NPH (I wanted to ask if she had poultry NPH because I would’ve preferred chicken) but knowing full well NPH was not anything like Novolog…

NPH is a long acting insulin, I’m on Novolog, it’s a short acting insulin.

To which she responds “I know” and my little brain was thinking (well if you know why did you even mention them).

Novolog is like Humalog, do you have Humalog in there?

No she responds…

and then finally, ok, what about Regular…it’s most like Regular, as Regular is a short acting insulin…

finally she starts reading flavors of Regular. I had always assumed my insulin came from a pig…I didn’t know it could come from a cow…and human had me wondering why if they could make insulin from a human they couldn’t do something more miraculous with human parts…like take my disease away…I digress…

So there we go, I checked into an ER where they thought I was on Regular because that’s what my records stated because they didn’t have the latest insulins in the system. And that there, it made me nervous…I wasn’t going to get checked in for having sliced my thumb, and yes, Regular is close enough to Novolog…but it’s not exact…and no, diabetes isn’t an exact science, but when I check into a hospital, it’s important that my details are right…one little wrong thing can turn into a very big bad thing…

I respect that my local hospital is on the technology bandwagon, but if you’re going to log our medications that way…it’s important to have the latest and greatest of everything listed, because not all medications are equal even if they are “alike”.

3 Rookie Marks On Lack of Accuracy Pertubs Me

  1. Golly, is Novolog really that new? It doesn’t seem close enough to me. Hope your finger is okay.

    ...said Lorraine on April 1st, 2010
  2. I hope your finger is healing and doing Ok!

    I totally agree with you – it IS disturbing that Novolog & Humalog aren’t in the system. They have been around for a while!

    ...said Scott K. Johnson on April 21st, 2010
  3. Courtney,

    Not sure if you’ll read this since it is a late reply to an old post, Novolog is an insulin analog with the generic name “insulin Aspart” while Humalog is an analog with the generic name “insulin Lispro”. Each of the insulin analogs have both a brand name & a generic name & some hospitals have them listed only by the generic name — not a smart choice. The beef & pork insulin species no longer are being manufactured so that was some real old info in that hospital’s computer system.

    I stumbled on your blog when searching for Tour de Cure Tucson today & have been enjoying reading it! I met you at the Tucson night-before-the-ride event back in March. Like me, Penny is on our TdC committee & captaining a team this year. Hope that you can ride with us again sometime. Tucson’s TdC will be on Sunday the 6th of March in 2011.

    Keep the shiny side up!

    ...said Mike the RN CDE on December 11th, 2010

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