Radioactive Eggs and Toast – Diabetes 365 – January 27, 2010

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Radioactive Eggs and Toast - Diabetes 365 - January 27, 2010

Their glow was egglishly yellow. The tech had salted and peppered the eggs for me and the toast was buttered. I was given a little bit of water. I had 5 minutes to eat my “breakfast” before I had to go lay on the table and watch the food move from my stomach to my small intestine.

It was a good experience. I didn’t know what to expect exactly other than I got to eat radioactive eggs and toast and if I was lucky I might walk away glowing and have superpowers that I didn’t enter the building with. Sadly I didn’t get either. Alan, the tech, he did tell me that under the right conditions I might glow, but that there was probably more radioactivity in his watch than there was in my eggs. I didn’t ask what the right conditions were in order to see myself glow.

So, I ate my eggs and toast, took a moment to take a picture, and then I got to go lay on the thing…the table…So I lay on the table and Alan put a blanket over me since it’s always so cold in the xray rooms and he tucked it under my sides. Then he slide the table under the machine and lowered the machine. I imagine that it was like a sunning bed with my head sticking out.

For 90 minutes I got to watch the radioactivity in my gut. I could tell the shape of my stomach and it started to thin out and you could tell when the eggs were moving to my small intestine because the radioactive dots moved down below my stomach. It was cool.

While I was laying on the table watching the radioactive particles move I got to listen to Enders Game (I had no clue that xm radio had a story channel).

It was fun. I had fun just laying there on a table, LOL. Who would’ve thought. I will admit that at one point I did freak out a little. I’m not normally claustrophobic but I decided to see just how close the lid of the machine was to me and it was close and I panicked. But it wasn’t anything that a little time with God couldn’t fix.

So, when my 90 minutes was up, Alan showed me the video. They take video from my frontside and my backside. Alan said that they’d merge the videos together, come up with a mean (of some kind, I don’t exactly remember) and it would be analyzed by a radiologist and the information would be sent to my doctor. I told him, “sweet” and thanked him for his time and went on my way.

I didn’t ask if it looked like the eggs digested in a normal fashion or anything. I did make a comment about how my stomach wasn’t empty and he said I’d be on that table for 4 hours if we waited for it to completely empty.

Whatever the results are, whatever they tell us about my stomach issues, it was cool to watch. Plus, how many people do you know that have eaten radioactive eggs?

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  1. “superpowers that I didn’t enter the building with”
    Ha! So only as superhuman as you always were. Hope you’re not disappointed.
    Maybe your additional superpowers will come on gradually, as you need them, as they do in so many comic books.

    ...said Jerry Nairn on January 28th, 2010

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