A New Diet – Diabetes 365 – January 25, 2010

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A New Diet - Diabetes 365 - January 25, 2010

In order to better control gastroparesis, one must better control their blood sugars. Or so I’m told, and it makes complete sense, since the out of control blood sugars were a leading cause in me getting my stomach issues. Lucky for me, I’ve got people in places to help me out. Not that I always like what they have to say, but I try.

For the past week I’ve been on what we like to refer to as the Carnation Instant Breakfast diet. I should mention that I began the diet by deviating from the instructions because I couldn’t get what I was told to get. So I modified the diet…that’s what we do with diets right, modify them to make us happy ;)

So, what I was told by my non doctor was:

The key is to get blood sugars down with a liquid diet – nothing but Carnation Sugar free breakfast mixed with skim milk per instruction. Six packets a day. Aim to do it for 2 weeks. Basal and bolus rates need to be right, but that should be pretty easy to figure out with careful monitoring on nothing but liquids.

Easy right?

Haha…not so easy…liquids don’t appeal to me, the same liquids all day don’t appeal to me, so after one day on this diet…I deviated and added a meal a day. Lunch every day. Because food, it makes me happy, and not having it makes me sad.

The really sad thing though is that the one day I did successfully make it through the day with no food my blood sugars were so happy. Then when I started eating again, it made my blood sugars unhappy.

I need happy blood sugars, but there has to be an easier way to achieve than by a liquid diet…on the other hand, if I want to get better then at some point, I’m gonna have to stick to this diet for 2 weeks…it’ll be long enough to figure out what’s up with my stomach and go from there…

So, I pose a question to you:

Are you on a diet, have you ever been on a diet, and have you ever been able to stick to whatever diet you tried? What was the secret to sticking to the diet?

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