Ruin – Diabetes 365 – January 23, 2010

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Ruin - Diabetes 365 - January 23, 2010

The snow was falling and at one point there was a beautiful layer on the ground, but the winds picked up and ruined the layer of snow. They swept it this way and that way. Building up spots and destroying others. Leaving vacancies and voids in it’s wake. You could see the shadow of the wind as it picked up the snow. It was like a black gas sweeping over the area, this way and that way. It made me think about how even the best laid plans can be ruined by something unexpected.

I had great plans when I started this year, seeing my doctor every six weeks to help me stay on track with my numbers. What I didn’t expect was severe stomach issues that were going to hinder the digestion of my food that would in turn have a bad effect on my blood sugars that would inevitably push me into push me into ruin because when the going gets tough with diabetes, I have a tendency to cop an attitude (a massive attitude) and throw in the towel.

Once I throw in the towel, whatever was happening has come to ruins. The unexpected puts holes in my (im)perfect little world, it moves things out of place, problems build up and we no longer have a pretty picture…we have…holey snow…batman…

But there’s always that one piece of coolness that accompanies ruin, like the black shadow of the wind…the one cool thing right now with my stomach is looking forward to radioactive eggs, the hope of glowing, the possibility of super powers… ;)

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