Look Into My Eye – Diabetes 365 – January 5, 2009

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Look Into My Eye - Diabetes 365 - January 5, 2009

What do you see…I can see the reflection of a camera, a hand holding the camera, a hazel eye in a slightly blurry picture…that’s what we see…but apparently there’s so much more that can be seen in the eye.

Today I went to a naturopathic doctor to see what could be done about my stomach issues since my normal doctors weren’t getting anywhere and I don’t have an appointment with a gastrologist until next Friday. The doctor I went to see also specializes in iridology (a form of alternative medicine involving the diagnosis of body ailments through the examination of the iris of the human eye).

I should preface before I continue that it is very much not normal for me to go to this type of doctor, but because he came recommended by a friend that had given me some herbs that he had given her to help her with her stomach issues I went and saw him. The idea of someone looking into my eye and telling me what was wrong made me think of one word “crackpot” and laugh.

That is, I was laughing until I listened to what he had to say. I did not preface my visit to him with any information of what was going on. I did this on purpose because I wanted to know what he would say. He took pictures of both my eyes (I wish I had them and will try to get them because I actually have quite beautiful eyes) and explained what he saw. I couldn’t dispute what he saw in my eyes because I had been feeling it in my gut.

It’s possible that this is still sounding crackpotish and it is, I’ll admit it…which is why me as a smarty pants is keeping my appointment with the gastrologist. And because I believe that the naturopathic doc wasn’t off balance because of how I’ve been feeling in the last month and a few other symptoms I shall keep to myself I imagine that when the gastrologist scopes my from my mouth to my stomach that he’ll see inside of me what the naturopathic doc saw in my eyes…again, I say this because I feel it in my gut.

In short, the findings of my eyes and the pressure points he hit in my hands (not quite sure of the terms for that) told him that my entire digestive tract is inflamed and that there are pockets of infection in my intestines (I’m pretty sure it was my intestines).

I’ll take his findings and his solution. He gave me what he referred to as triple antibiotic for the digestive tract: slippery elm, turmeric, and a probiotic. The slippery elm has nutrients in it that can sustain me since I’m not going to be eating for a while, the turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and the probiotic of course is like the antibiotic that’s going to kill all the stupid microbes that are in my system.

I’d been taking the slippery elm for the past 2 and a half days but also drinking the berry shakes with it a couple times a day and I’ve been good. I’ve not been hungry, I’ve just been wanting food for the sake of wanting food. BUT! I have been able to keep those berry shakes down and the pain in my stomach has been reduced quite a bit and I’m not often nauseated which is quite exciting. For as much as I miss food I can’t wait to get my stomach back into a normal mode of working.

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  1. Interesting, I hope this works for you. I’ve used a chiropractor many times, but nothing more naturopathic than that. But many of my family in Ireland see folks that don’t follow a completely ‘Western’ approach.

    ...said Bernard Farrell on January 6th, 2010
  2. My husband is an eye doctor and although it sounds totally ridiculous…it is really true, the eyes are the window to the human body and a great deal can be determined and discovered by a top notch eye exam and a very skilled doctor. My husband has saved lives by what he found during routine eye examinations. Best of luck!

    ...said Nancy Marchbanks on January 6th, 2010
  3. I hope you’re able to find some peace for your tummy, soon. I don’t envy dealing with that kind of chaos.

    (But, you do have lovely eyes. Just for the record.) :)

    ...said Kerri. on January 6th, 2010
  4. Hey Kerri,

    I got told today that most likely the stomach issues could be resolved with tight blood sugar control…we’ll know more next week when I get some more tests done…I’m ready for it to be put to rest :)

    ...said Courtney on January 6th, 2010

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