1st Run of 2010 – Diabetes 365 – January 1, 2010

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It’s the first day of a new year and with that comes change. Change that we all hope to continue throughout the year. Change that we hope to hang onto and make it a piece of our lifestyle.

In 2009 I was an injured athlete training for a marathon that all doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and fellow athletes specifically told me not to do. Did I listen…of course not…the result, I spent 2009 as an unmotivated lazy bum with an injury that I was letting heal on its own instead of working on it to help it heal actively. (I was mad about it too.)

To bring in 2010, I went running, something that I’ve not trained for. I hadn’t run since Thanksgiving day. It felt good to get out there and go and know that I was heading somewhere, uninjured and happy.

That’s my theme for 2010, happy. I’m not making any goals, I’m just going with whatever I feel like; today, I felt like running.

I think it’s important to head in a direction that’s going to make us happy and not get caught up in the things that can keep us from achieving happiness. To not let setbacks push us into a down mentality. We need to keep heading in a happy direction no matter what happens or what circumstances arise. Last year it was easy for me to get caught up in my injury and to not work towards pursuing anything because of it. I got caught up in the "I can’t do that" mentality that’s so miserably comfortable after living in it for over 15 years due to the shadow of diabetes.

This year, I’m heading somewhere, somewhere happy. Where that takes me I don’t know, but I do know that there will be a smile :)

Someone remind me of this happy moment when something happens and I get my attitude and decide that everything sucks.

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