Hiking the Mountains

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When I was a kid going on a hike meant nothing more to me than taking a walk through the forest. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it may have been a long walk, long back then being no more than 5 miles (which really, these days, that’s short) and the elevation gain was minuscule. Prior to recently, my last hike was this summer when I was up in Vallecito, CO camping and there was a forest nearby. The distance was short, the elevation ascent was barely mentionable, and there were (depending on the day) 3-6 kids in tow. That’s what a hike was to me…

And then there was this past Saturday, where hike was redefined…

The distance was way longer than I’m used to (for a hike), the ascent in elevation was impressive to me, we went through 4 different biomes, and 3 different weather patterns.

Where do I start…I guess I’ll start where we (Brian, Misty, and I) started.

At the Three Gun Spring Trail. The trail that my Outlaws support. We didn’t get far before (as typical) my blood sugar went low and I was hating being on that hike (realize, we were only maybe 2-3 miles into it). But it wasn’t something that some glucose tabs and chips ahoy cookies couldn’t fix, within minutes I was a happy camper moving along happily.

Down around where my blood sugar went low was the ugly New Mexico desert type area (with a little green). And it was also hard climbs too. Barely any flats and any down hill parts.


Then, we moved into a woodsy area which was awesome and beautiful and my most favorite part of the hike. And it was more of a rolling hill area which was blissful.


And then, things got cool, because as we started moving out of the woodsy area, (and onto another trail, or pass, I can’t remember if it was Oso Pass or Embudo trail) it was snowing, so it was pretty. (Snow makes everything pretty)


We took the trail that we were on all the way to the Crest Trail head marker before turning around because that’s as far as we had intended to go. (I have to admit, I was a little sad.)


And then we had lunch and went back down the mountain. Going back down the mountain was far harder than going up the mountain for some reason. Mostly it was ok except for when we got back to the ugly deserty part from the beginning, then it got miserable and my foot was hurting and I had to ask once “are we almost there yet”.

When it was all said and done, we had gone 10.8 miles, ascended 3,614 ft, gone through snow and rain and just general cloudiness.

It was a great hike and I’m looking forward to this Saturday when we go the same route but then go up the south peak trail.

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