The Power Of Giving

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When I went to IZEAFest I didn’t expect anything more than a bunch of great learning, meeting new friends, connecting with old friends and having lots of fun. LOTS OF FUN! I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed.

I will admit for as much as I talk and write about myself, doing so in front of a camera or a crowd is difficult for me. I get nervous, so nervous that I try my hardest to get out of being in front of the camera. Regardless of this fact, when I was asked to do an interview with Azim Jamal, coauthor of the book The Power Of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All and denied the invitation, I was told that I had to, because I was a great example of giving back. I couldn’t deny or fight with that and so I did the interview.

I will admit that I am guilty of not allowing people to give to me, it’s something that I often fight with because I’m also guilty of thinking that I can do everything myself. When I tell friends “no, that’s ok” about them doing something for me I get charged with robbing them of the blessing of giving.

Giving is important for everyone, it’s important for the people that give and it’s important on the receiving end as well. Everyone benefits from giving, and when was the last time you weren’t thrilled when you gave your time or talents unbegrudgingly? When’s the last time you weren’t blessed because of giving?

I’ve not yet read The Power of Giving, but I’m looking forward to it.

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