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It started as a nugget…you know, those little nuggets of information that we share with our friends. And thus, in an early morning text, a new term was coined.

Her: Mornin! I have a nugget for you.

Me: A nugget of information.

Her: Yes an information nugget, what other kind of nugget could it be?

Me: A golden nugget.

Her: (tells me the nugget which I don’t want to share yet because it’s so awesome it deserves it’s very own post)

Me: That’s blogworthy.

Her: It’s a good blogget.

And thus, blogget was born. A new word for our blogger lexicon.

blog⋅get [blŏg-it]
A piece of blogworthy information.

And now, instead of running around with my miniature moleskine notepad known as the bloggable thoughts pad, it’s the blogget notepad. It now has a name for it’s purpose…

So, have you heard any good bloggets lately?

2 Rookie Marks On Blogget

  1. You are so weird. :P

    ...said Lisa on September 29th, 2009
  2. I need a new mining spot because I’ve not been stumbling across many bloggets lately :(

    ...said Lee Ann Thill on December 17th, 2009

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