Pre Doctor Visit Briefing

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I figured I’d do something different this doctor’s appointment because I have this bad feeling, so before that bad feeling turns into something else I figure I’d lay it all out before I go to the appointment.

I fall off the diabetes wagon approximately 4 weeks after an appointment (it probably more like 3 based on my blood sugar logs from last time, but more about that in a moment). I’m not the only one that this happens to, but for some reason, we’re unable to fix this all by our lonesome selves (Well, I am, I can’t fix it all by myself). We need to be held accountable on a larger level. Well, at least I do…and even Kerri wrote about it too.

As I look at my last write up there were 3 things on my “individual plan”:
1) In times of extreme exercise reduce total daily dosage to 15 units. I remember a conversation about this, but I don’t remember what it was…oh yes, on days where I’m going to live on my bike my total intake of insulin should be 15 units instead of the usual 60-75ish. This comes after cycling in the North Carolina Tour de Cure and being so incredibly low for a whole day. Needless to say, there hasn’t been any extreme exercise recently.

2) Consider CGMS…Yes, I’ve considered it, I own one, I just get irritated about how it keeps me up at night with it’s incessant beeping…which was the complete and total point of having it. Making it so that I didn’t have seizures in the middle of the night because I wasn’t waking up from lows. But it was messing with my sleep so bad that I wasn’t getting that nice good restful sleep in when it was going off. The reality of it actually going off anymore is slim because my night time sugars are pretty stable, but I haven’t put it back on in a long long long while.

3) Fasting Labs…I went and got those last week. It was the one and only thing on the list that I did.

Why I decided to log is beyond me, I think I was trying to be proactive. And then that proactiveness died. And once I fall off the wagon, there’s very little desire to get back on it. Which is why, today, I’m going to request that I see the doc every 6 weeks instead of every 12 because that should hopefully fix the lack of desire to take care of things after I fall off the wagon. Cause right now, I feel like a criminal walking into the doctor’s office. Like I’ve been very naughty, but really, it’s only me that it’s affecting, not them.

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