The Confession Booth Desire

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Ok, confessions…this is weird but it’s one of those things that’s on my list of things to do, it’s probably complete sacrilege too, but, it’s a desire. I want to go sit in a confession booth and say “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”

When I was cycling in NC during the NC Tour de Cure there was a stall type thing by a yard and some kids had written on a sign “confession booth” and there was a stool inside. I should’ve taken a picture, but alas, I didn’t. I was already back of the pack, but had there been someone around to take a picture, I would’ve sat in it and had a picture taken and said a few things.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this…let me just say, it all started with this video:

The places the brain went after watching that…it just made me laugh…after I got my brain out of the gutter.

Anyhow, here we go. My confessions:

I’ve not blogged about my experience in the Socorro Chile Festival Triathlon that I did 4 weeks ago.

I’ve not blogged about how I’m training, TRAINING! in the pool. Did I mention I was training, cause that’s something I don’t do.

I’ve not regularly updated my Diabetes365 photos, although my last one, Darth Vader, that was cool.

The darkside, it’s strong with this one.

I’ve not blogged about how I’ve decided the pump, it’s very possibly not the thing for me with my recent discoveries…Of course, I’ve not blogged about my recent discoveries either…

I’ve not blogged about how I’m doing the Patriot Tri in 2 weeks.

I have strong desires to run several more marathons, but I’m picky, they have to be cool marathons, they can’t just be any marathon.

I said a few choice words when I found out this year is my last chance to run Disney’s Race for the Taste 10K and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K because they’ll not be returning in 2010. It made me sad…very sad…

I’ve been living on diet mountain dew.

I’d eat ice cream every night if I wasn’t too lazy to go get it.

The diabetes, I still don’t care much for it, and as such, it’s taking a backseat…

I have general hate issues.

I could probably sit in the confession booth all day long and talk about all the ways I’ve sinned on a non serious level to whichever god you choose. As for the chick in the video, sadly, (and I hate when they keep you hanging) we have to wait a week and then go to Red Chair Confessions to find out what she did, on multiple occasions, and what she’s heading to do…

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