North Carolina Tour de Cure – Day 2

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I’m getting back into the swing of blogging and there’s all kinds of topics that I dropped the ball on, like day 2 of the North Carolina Tour de Cure…so, here we go (if you missed out on day 1 of the North Carolina Tour de Cure, you can read about the most beautiful ride here)

Ok day 2. I woke up aching, like aching bad. My knee was in bad shape, but I didn’t not want to ride, so my goal, and I totally sold myself short, was 20 miles, that’s all I needed, 20 miles and then between the 2 days, I’d have gone 100. (We’re not supposed to sell ourselves short.)

The morning was all kinds of overcast, threatening to rain on us. I wasn’t worried about it, it wasn’t roasting hot and so I was happy. Lolo (Laura of the Team Type 1 triathlon team) sent us off.

Me and Lolo, Day 2

Right from the get go, I was in the back of the pack. Pulling up the back, or close to the back. I was in the tail end of the pack and I would remain there for the entire 53 miles that I went. The only people behind me were those on the century route and I was on the 80 mile route.

Rest stop 1 was uneventful. Between rest stop 1 and 2 I got a flat that I got to change out, and while I was doing that it started to rain. That made me move faster, I didn’t want to get stuck in rain, it wasn’t like pouring rain, but it was like, ummmm, raining.

At rest stop 2 I needed some air in my tire because I didn’t quite air it enough and didn’t want to waste another cartridge but their pump was broken. They told me to go to rest stop 3….they’d have a mechanic with a pump there…they didn’t know what they were talking about. But Andres, from Day 1, he rescued me, his daughter had a pump in her van. At rest stop 4, 40ish miles in, I called Lolo, I’d been fighting low blood sugars all morning and I was just about done with. I was eating so much and had no insulin in my system and I was still low, I was an unhappy camper. But I wanted to keep going, so I did.

I made it 53 miles before I threw in the towel. I stopped at a rest stop that is like a horse boarding place, it was absolutely beautiful.


I made it further than I had started out intending to ride, the ride was just as beautiful as Day 1. I just messed up when it came to food the night after the first day and the morning of the second day…I didn’t take in enough carbs and all the carbs in the world weren’t gonna help me on day 2. I was taking in between 90-120 carbs an hour and my blood sugar stayed between 50-70 for 5 hours and that was with no insulin in my system.

And here’s what’s really impressed me about the NC Tour de Cure. They were keeping immaculate tabs on their riders. They knew who was in the tail of the pack, they had SAG vehicles following them, we were continuously checked on. It was awesome. It was support I’ve never seen in any other Tour de Cure and I’ve ridden in 8 different states. I was able to get one of the SAG vehicles to take me from the rest stop I was at to the next stop where Lolo came and got me.

That day of the ride, I was cool with not finishing. Only now do I wish I had finished. It’s the first Tour de Cure that I didn’t completely finish what I had set out to do, 2 days, 75 miles a day, a total of 150 miles. I did put in 136 miles though :)

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