A Most Beautiful Ride – The North Carolina Tour de Cure

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It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve blogged (other than my thursday thirteen posts which don’t count). I’ve started a few posts, but never finished them, and then, I didn’t have internet for half of May, and when I got it back, I didn’t feel like blogging. And in June, well, I’ve been traveling and lazy when it comes to turning on my computer at night after I get home…That brings us to now, where it’s been 2 weeks and a day since I got off my bike at the horse farm and called Lolo and said “I’m done, will you please come get me?” That was at the 53 mile mark of a two day ride for the North Carolina Tour de Cure. The first day I rode 83 miles.

It was an amazing and incredibly well supported ride. It has moved into the place of “favorite” knocking Tour de Cure Colorado into second place (which, might I say, is difficult to do because the CO Tour de Cure was the first Tour de Cure that captured my heart with how well it was put together and it’s route). There is so much to write about that I’m going to have to split it down into several blog posts, I’m thinking, Day 1, Day 2, and my overall thoughts about the tour, and then of course the various details of how i handled the diabetes and how it treated me.

So, here we go, Day 1.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. Overcast. Or cloudy. Depends on how you want to look at it, the skies were grey and it looked like it would rain on us. But it was beautiful. And the temperature, well, for my New Mexican self, it was warm and wet (humid). But it was beautiful.

I’d have to say it was the most desirable weather conditions for riding. Not too hot, not cold, the sun wasn’t beating down on us and it wasn’t raining either. To me, that might be my definition of perfect riding weather.

So, here we are, Laura and I.

At The Start - Courtney and Lolo

I gotta tell you about Laura, because she, she’s one of my heroes and she’s a great friend and for as much as I hate diabetes, if there’s one thing I’m grateful that it’s given me, it’s Laura. And I wouldn’t trade her for anything, not even a cure. She’s a bit of a celebrity in my book, a famous person. She’s a member of the Team Type 1 Triathlon Team
and an amazing athlete. She can out swim, bike, run me any day. She’s a little speedy gonzales. Even on the rolling hills of her home turf in NC (rolling hills I wasn’t prepared for). If you ever get a chance to meet Laura she’s awesome to talk to and she has awesome stories.

I wasn’t with Laura long, LOL! I was with her until the first hill I think, and then I fell back. Hills are not my strong point. But it was awesome even with the hills. I come from the desert so to be riding along and be surrounded by big green beautiful trees was absolutely awesome. Just about every 5 minutes or so I was like “It’s so greeeeeeeeeeeeeen and beautiful.” I absolutely love it! Like, seriously, the entire ride, except for one part near a quarry, was like this:

Most Beautiful View

The route was absolutely beautiful, the most beautiful route that I’ve ever ridden. 83 miles of that. Well, that or horse country, that’s what I call it, where there’s these big fields with big houses every mile or so and trees out on the property. BEAUTIFUL!

So, the weather was absolutely beautiful and the scenery was beautiful and I was riding along happily admiring the trees and talking to people. I met Andre. He’s been riding for as long as I’ve been alive and he was awesome to talk to and ride with. It was enjoyable.

Courtney and Andre

As we were riding we joined Kayce and Tom.

Courtney, Kayce, and Tom

And all together we rode many hills. I think the most exciting part of my ride was a snake. A beautiful black rat snake. He was alive. He was crossing the road. Andre and I saw him first, Andre rode around him, I yelled SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE and slammed on my breaks a foot from his head. Stood there and stared at him, got smart and moved out of the way, and then was all, I gotta take a picture!

So, here’s my snake:

The Snake!

He was about 8 ft long and 3 inches in diameter at his fatest point. He was beautiful.

Tom and Kayce and Liz thought he was dead, they didn’t even realize that he had been slithering and they just went around him.

Kayce and I were riding along and a squirrel jumped, JUMPED! out of the little bushes on the side of the street, like a foot in the air, and ran across the street in front of us.

And later there was a vulture having a rabbit for a snack. He wasn’t happy when I approached, he took off and was circling, and he was big too, probably 2-3 feet from feet to head when he was standing on the ground.

It was an awesome ride. It was just great. It was beautiful, it was well supported, the people were friendly, there was only one part where I got skeered because it had been a while since I had seen a marker on the road and when I looked at the street sign the name of the road didn’t match the road I was supposed to be on. That’s always my biggest fear when I’m riding in other states, but luckily I kept going and another sign popped up.

I had favorites throughout the ride, and as I was thinking about them they boiled down to a favorite for almost everyone of the 5 senses.

Favorite sight: green green green everything all around.
Favorite sound: wind rustling through the wheat fields.
Favorite smell: strawberries as i passed the strawberry field.
Favorite taste: peanut butter and jelly.

It was a most wonderful day. I was out there for 8 hours, I was riding for 6 of those hours. My blood sugars did mostly well, my riding was good. I averaged about 14mph (even with all the hills, that excites me!) It was 83 miles and my top speed was 35 mph. I totally love going fast down hills. I’m not exactly a fan of hills because I’m not a good hill climber, but hills are rewarding and I saw that the most during this ride because when I got to the top I immediately got to go down them. It’s always fun for me to see just how fast I can go down hills. I had a blast.


6 Rookie Marks On A Most Beautiful Ride – The North Carolina Tour de Cure

  1. I’m so proud of you for doing that, and it sounds like you had an awesome time! I’m really envious of you and all the people out there who are so athletic and motivated to exercise, especially when you do it to raise money for D organizations. Those are great pictures you got too :)

    ...said Lee Ann Thill on June 22nd, 2009
  2. Awesome post! U rock! Thanks for taking us on the journey with you :)

    ...said JaimieH on June 22nd, 2009
  3. Way to go! And thanks for sharing the pictures – you’re right, it is beautiful!

    I’m glad you didn’t have any injury causing accidents with the wild critters out there! :-)

    ...said Scott K. Johnson on June 23rd, 2009
  4. Hey Scott, I think the wild critters were my most favorite thing right behind the greenness of the route, LOL! I’m so easily amused.

    ...said Courtney on June 24th, 2009

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