2009 Goal Review – Round 3

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I’m a little late, but we’re here in the 4th month of 2009 which means the third month has gone flying past us. Things are starting to being kicked into gear and I’m falling into place of something that I should’ve never left (stupidicy, go figure). And so, it’s time to do a review of what went on last month and readjust the goals for April.

Big Goal: I will work towards my A1c dropping below 6.5%.
March Benchmark: I will do 4 session of basal testing. 1 each week.
The week of March 1-7 I’ll test the night time numbers into the morning.
The week of March 8-14 I’ll test the morning numbers through lunch time.
The week of March 15-21 I’ll test the lunch numbers through the dinner numbers.
The week of March 22-28 I’ll test the mid afternoon numbers through the bed time numbers.

This benchmark was shot to hell when I got sick and remained sick for half the month. I did however in a way start logging numbers and that led me to some trends and I was able to make some adjustments. I’m still encountering lows consistently when I think I shouldn’t be having them so basal testing the morning numbers through lunch time is imperative. That will be done during the week of April 6-10. The other thing I’m going to nail down is logging my blood sugars. Last week (March 31-April 3) I created a spread sheet with a graph and because I’m a geek and want to see my numbers in a certain fashion it’s about to be turned into a pivot chart.

The April benchmark is to simply log. I’ll start small, blood sugars only. I’ll get complicated with insulin doses and carbs at a later date. (Mental note, I think my bolus rates are off, but the only way to figure that out is to get serious about carb counting *rolls eyes and sighs* who wants to do that anyways?)

Big Goal: I will do 3 triathlons as an individual -> Jay Benson (May 10, 2009), Bottomless Lakes (July 11, 2009) and Socorro (August 1, 2009).
March Benchmark: When I get back on the 9th, I’ll cycle to work on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. It will give me 30 miles a day with some good hill workouts for 3 weeks. Also, I’m going to force myself to get up and get out for a walk at 10am and 2pm daily at work. It’s important and I’ve got to do it.

Meh. I think I’m not tri-ing this year unless I’m on a team and I’m cycling…I’m just not feeling it. I wouldn’t be cycling if it weren’t for Misty. The rides we do on Saturday (2 in a row now) are the only reason I’m riding and yes, I do try to get out of them. I try very hard to get out of them…The weather you know, it’s been cold and windy…that’s reason enough to not ride right???

April Benchmark: get on the bike every weekend. short and sweet. if I can do that, I’m making progress. End of Story

Big Goal: I will read a minimum of 24 new books (2 a month).
March Benchmark: 2 new books will be read.

I read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I got part way through Cheating Destiny and part way through Shadow of the Wind. Needless to say, I didn’t finish 2 books. The good news, I’ll finish two books for April seeing as how I’m in the middle of two books now anyways. Well, barring that I don’t start another book and not finish any.

April Benchmark: 2 new books will be read.

Big Goal: I will take a picture each day that represents diabetes in my life for the diabetes365 photo a day project.
March Benchmark: 31 pictures, 1 picture a day

All 31 pictures got taken. All 31 got uploaded. 30 got labeled. 29 got described and posted to the D365 group. I’m a tad bit behind. But they all got taken. So that counts for something.

April Benchmark: 30 pictures, 1 picture a day.

Big Goal: I will see a new movie each month.
March Benchmark: I can’t remember what movies are coming to theatre but I know there’s got to be at least 1 that I want to see so I’ll be seeing at least 1 movie in theatre.

I went and saw Knowing. In the theatre. Goal Met.

April Benchmark: go see a movie (which, I’ve already met because I went and saw duplicity this last weekend)

At a minimum, I’d like to blog every week day this month. That gives me weekends off if I need them, but it also challenges me to actually say what’s in my head.

I think this happened for most the month. But then I started storing my thoughts away instead of sharing them. And my D365 photos became my post for the day. But the D365 photos also became more intense, I was expressing my feelings through them, and speaking what was on my mind there. So, I’m counting them, we’ll say this goal was met. But still, I’ve got posts half started, thoughts stored in the back of my mind, notes in my moleskine, there’s a lot to say, a lot. I don’t have a benchmark for this one this month…we’ll just see what happens.

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