Mountains and Foothills

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I’m coming into my own little world of meanings when it comes to my diabetes. Most of them revolve around the graphs on my sensor, and some of them are terms that many diabetics use. But recently, meanings that are unique to me and meanings that the peeps around me understand have come into existence. And since I haven’t seen them floating around the D-Blogs, I’m claiming them as mine ;)

The most recent metaphor for my blood sugars spawns from mountain biking. Mountains and foothills. There is nothing cooler to me than riding on a trail through the mountains and jumping crevices and bouncing over rocks. I love flying down a mountain side and catching air…going back up is not so much fun, lol. I also enjoy the flat foothills, speeding along, jumping rocks, avoiding snake holes, trees, laughing raccoons and whatever else may be out there.

Mountain biking, and traversing the mountains and the foothills has become the theme of the sensor graphs. Mostly, the sensor graphs show me in the mountains, riding high and dropping low.


But if I’m lucky, which sometimes, rarely I am. I’ll be happily coasting along in the foothills.

So Close To Flatlining - Diabetes 365, Year 2 - Day 44

And now, it’s cool, because when my friends are talking to me and they know a day has been rough diabetes wise, they’ll ask, are you in the mountains. Or in the case of the past week where I’ve been plagued with god only knows what and have been sicker than a dog they asked “are you still in the mountains” and I was proud to say “nope, I spent some time in the foothills”…

it’s the little things that make this disease slightly entertaining.

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  1. I love that term(s). I will happily adopt them! :-)

    ...said Scott K. Johnson on March 19th, 2009

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