Cough Syrup Woes – Diabetes 365, Year 2 – Day 72

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It used to be that when I was sick with bronchitis or a horrible chest cold that would bring on fits of coughing my doctor would prescribe me Histussion HC. A sugar free, alcohol free cough syrup with codeine.

Sadly, Histussion HC has been pulled from the market and now my doctor prescribes pain killers in liquid form because (from the pharmacist) I quote "it can be used as cough syrup". BIG HUGE FAT problem! It contains alcohol and sugar. Their response, watch your blood sugars. Here’s what I know about cough syrups that contain sugar and alcohol. I go low 12 hours after I take it. It just doesn’t fly.

So, I had to go get some "diabetic cough syrup". Diabetic Tussin is my current friend. It’s sugar free and alcohol free. It’s as they say "safe especially for diabetics". Since it doesn’t have any codeine in it, I take some pain killers on the side if I need them. But it was seriously sad to hear that they didn’t make Histussin HC anymore. I thought for sure we had some at home and was very disappointed to find out that we were out and that I "just need to watch my blood sugars".

It was frustrating.

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  1. Hi! I’m a VP at Health Care Products, the company that makes Diabetic Tussin. I wanted to Thank you for the kind words. Diabetic Tussin now makes a Cold and Flu version that contains a pain reliever as well as a cough suppressant and an antihistamine. WalMart carries it. I’d be glad to send you a bottle if you let me know to where I should send it.

    Good luck in effort to find a cure. Keep on riding and keeping your BG’s under control. I know its not easy to stay positive but you are an inspiration to many.

    ...said Marlene on April 14th, 2009

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