2009 Goal Review – Round 2

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The second month of 2009 has passed and since we’re in the beginning of the third it’s time to reevaluate the goals that were reevaluated in February but initially set up in January. Goals were meant to constantly evolve and change. And thus, we review them, see what we’ve met, see how we can make smaller goals to meet what we’ve not met, and we tweak the existing “small” goals so that we’re actually able to meet them.

Big Goal: I will work towards my A1c dropping below 6.5%.
February Benchmark: I will work towards my A1c dropping below 6.5% by finding out what it currently is and I will work towards lowering it from it’s current state by doing 4 sessions of basal testing (1 per week for each week in Feb).

I went to my doctor in mid February and found out that my A1c had risen out of the sixes and back into the sevens. It was 7.1. It was frustrating to see that it had risen but it wasn’t anything unexpected really. My care of my diabetes in the months leading up to the 7.1 was shabby at best. Actually, it was rather pathetic really.

I did do 1 round of basal testing. I made it 14 hours without before going low. It was from 8pm to 10am. Every time I attempted to do another round of basal testing, I failed because sleep or food won. I don’t want to wake up at night to test my blood and I don’t want to not eat during the day. I’m a bit stubborn. I like my sleep and I like to eat. What can I say.

I’m going to break down the February benchmark a little bit further and carry it over into March.
March Benchmark: I will do 4 session of basal testing. 1 each week.
The week of March 1-7 I’ll test the night time numbers into the morning.
The week of March 8-14 I’ll test the morning numbers through lunch time.
The week of March 15-21 I’ll test the lunch numbers through the dinner numbers.
The week of March 22-28 I’ll test the mid afternoon numbers through the bed time numbers.

Big Goal: I will do 3 triathlons as an individual -> Jay Benson (May 10, 2009), Bottomless Lakes (July 11, 2009) and Socorro (August 1, 2009).
February Benchmark: Continuing to let my foot heal until Feb 13 and then doing 2, 1 mile walks a day 5 days a week, cycling 1 day a week, and taking a long walk on the weekend.

Ummmm, yeah…the foot is healed, it’s feeling fine when I do go walking, but I’ve not been walking regularly, I go once a week while at work if I’m lucky…And I still haven’t been on a bike since December…which will make for an interesting weekend next weekend when I go to Tucson to do the Tucson Tour de Cure and ride 60 miles. Really, there has just been no motivation to do anything lately. I have decided that I need to stop injuring myself every event I do because it makes me miserable when I can’t train.

My plane ticket to Raliegh in June has been bought (thank you Lolo) so I will be doing the Raleigh Tour de Cure. 200 miles over the course of 2 days. Which means I now have something to train for that ranks pretty high on my “hey this is important” list. I won’t start any official training until after the Tucson Tour de Cure. It’s kindof my starting point. The “see where I’m at point”. I have no doubt that I can ride 60 miles, it just may take me 5 hours…with the exception of 10 miles up a 5% grade hill, it’s a flat and fast course.

March Benchmark: When I get back on the 9th, I’ll cycle to work on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. It will give me 30 miles a day with some good hill workouts for 3 weeks. Also, I’m going to force myself to get up and get out for a walk at 10am and 2pm daily at work. It’s important and I’ve got to do it.

Big Goal: I will read a minimum of 24 new books (2 a month).
February Benchmark: 2 new books will be read.

This is probably one of my most easiest goal to meet. I read Confessions of a Shopaholic and Maximum Ride : The Final Warning. Both were good and fast reads but Confessions of a Shopaholic ended oddly to me, making it so I have to read the next book to see how her story ends. Maximum Ride : The Final Warning left room for another book in the series. I’m not sure James Patterson can ever close this story.

March Benchmark: I will read 2 new books.

Big Goal: I will take a picture each day that represents diabetes in my life for the diabetes365 photo a day project.
February Benchmark: 28 pictures, 1 picture a day

I’ve got two months down. All 28 pictures from February got uploaded and labeled :)

The March Benchmark will be 31 pictures, 1 picture a day.

Big Goal: I will see a new movie each month.
February Benchmark: Inkheart is out, and I’d like to see it, but really, all I need to see is 1 new movie, doesn’t matter what it is.

I saw a couple movies this month. Well, more than a couple. In the theatre I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bride Wars, and Fired Up (waste of money) and then from Redbox I saw X-Files: I want to believe and Pride and Glory.

March Benchmark: I can’t remember what movies are coming to theatre but I know there’s got to be at least 1 that I want to see so I’ll be seeing at least 1 movie in theatre.

I’ve got to add a new goal because my blogging has been sadly sporadic and I’ve got a lot to say but I’m not taking the time to sit down and say it. At a minimum, I’d like to blog every week day this month. That gives me weekends off if I need them, but it also challenges me to actually say what’s in my head.

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