The A1c Tells All

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It’s funny, I can remember when I was a kid how it didn’t matter what I had written in my log books the A1c would always tell the truth. I could look at my doctors with the most straight face and say that what they saw in my books was real. As for how the numbers weren’t in my meter, well, it’s like anything else, the memory wiped itself out when I changed the battery. *rolls eyes* that’s never been true for One Touch meters. They knew it and I knew it.

My A1c would tattle on me when I wasn’t checking my sugars.

My A1c would tell when I was having far too many lows.

My A1c would tell when I wasn’t taking insulin.

The recent A1c, well, it told on me too. I had spent October-December training for my January Marathon. October’s A1c had risen from the prior one and the current A1c had risen from the one taken in October. My doctor knew I’d been training. She took one look at my A1c and asked what was with my numbers.

(And really, I have a secret, I think the A1c isn’t an accurate picture of the last 3 months, but moreso of the last 6 weeks, and my last 6 weeks have been a wreck. Well, so have been the last many months since, um, probably September so that secret may mean nothing really.)

I totally forgot where I was heading with this…

Oh, right, the A1c telling all…so, training…when I started training back in 2007 for my very first Tour de Cure, there were all kinds of aggravations but I stuck to the rules that I had made. Healthy eating. Regular training. Taking insulin at all times, not missing any for any excuses. My A1c from that point through the appointment before Sept 2008 had regularly dropped. Good news right. Happy camper news.

And then, things changed. My attitude, my eating habits, the manner in which I was training. Sure I was still able to accomplish all that I wanted but my diabetes was a wreck. And my A1c would tell.

This last time around, during my training for my marathon, I was doing everything I could possibly do wrong, wrong. When I wasn’t training I was still eating like I was training. I was drinking heavily. I wasn’t checking my blood like I should’ve been. I was eating crazily; thinking that because I was training I could eat the crap I was eating. All my training was basically done in vain because I didn’t really benefit me in any way, shape, or form. All the good done by training for a marathon was defeated by everything else I was doing. And my A1c showed it.

It was 7.1. I’ve not been in the sevens since march 2007 January 2008 it looks like actually. It was a huge disappointment but I have no one to blame but myself.

My A1c would tell my doctor’s what I’ve been up to. As it always has.

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