Day’s worth of food – Diabetes 365, Year 2 – Day 29

By Courtney | No Rookie Marks »

This week I focused on what I was eating so every night I was packing my food for the day. Well, most of it.

Here I have my Clif Twisted Fruit for a snack, it’s 16g carbs and 1 serving of fruit.

My tangelo is 14g carbs (1 serving of fruit) and it’s a snack.

The V8 is 14g carbs (2 servings of veggies) and it’s a snack.

The sammich is 18g carbs and the carrots (a whole 1/2 lb, no clue how many servings, but a lot) is 22g carbs and that’s lunch.

My water bottle actually has a cup of rice milk in it, and to my dismay that’s 26g of carbs. And it goes with my breakfast.

I ate like this all week and I think it did me some good.

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