Counting Carbs Bass Ackwards

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This week I’ve made some massive changes in my eating habits but I stumbled upon something yesterday that got me thinking. For most things, we can for all intensive and theoretical purposes track down information where carbs are concerned. But sometimes, there are instances where calculating the carbs can be painful at a minimum and excruciating in some instances.

Here’s my excruciating instance: Protein Balls.

I had these at a friend’s house the other day and failed to take insulin for them because there was just no way I could’ve guesstimated. Yesterday, I watched her make them and yesterday I could’ve done a better job of guesstimating them but it’s possible counts could’ve been way off because of the individual contents of each ball.

Real quickly, let’s take a look at the contents (this is for a batch):

1 cup of almond butter
1 cup of honey
1 cup of protein powder

And then, there were the following ingredients, but I don’t recall her measuring them (but for all intensive purposes, let’s say there was a cup of each (since that’s what all recipes i’m reading call for)):

Almond Slivers
Flax Seed

All the ingredients then got mixed together and then little balls were made, probably an inch in diameter.

So, the guesstimation would’ve come in by adding the carbs of the honey, almond butter, and protein powder dividing by the total number of balls and then maybe adding a few extra carbs to each ball.

But then, I was thinking. (this is where it gets dangerous) I have a carb to insulin ratio. I have a blood sugar correction to insulin ratio as well. So lets say I ate a protein ball when I had nothing else in my system and my blood sugars were “perfect” and then after 4 hours (assumed time of when that stuff would normally be out of my system) check my blood. What I was thinking was, would it work to take the number of units needed to correct my blood sugar and multiply that by my carb to insulin ratio would I get the number of carbs that was in the ball?

I know, it’s crazy, but would it work?

Title compliments of my buddy Landileigh

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