Wherein I’m asked about my dream job

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Dream jobs. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear those two words together is that it’s almost an oxymoron. To me the dream job in theory can’t be the dream job in reality because it becomes a living. And, it’s been my experience that once money became an aspect of those things I had deep interests in, there wasn’t so much love/liking/enjoying of them anymore because of the general pressure of it being a job and the expectedness of having to have to do them. And the fact that at anytime it could all end and your means of living would go with it.

All that being said, and I did tell my friend that when he asked, I told him that my current dream job would be to do nothing but ride in Tour de Cure‘s. It’s all I would do if I could afford to. There’s over 80 each year (there was 84 in 2008 and there are continually new ones being added to the list) and I figure that if I did one every week there was one or even if I could get to 2 a weekend in some cases I could do over 20 rides a year. That’d be completely awesome.

Ride a ride, hope in a plane or car and go to the next one, from February to October. Get to the location of the ride, get accustomed to the altitude/humidity/weather all that good stuff and just ride.

Ride, ride, ride.

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