XShot – 21st day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Ok, I fibbed, there is one more small item, but it’s not exactly related to the athlete, but I’m going to post it anyways because I resisted the temptation to put the R2D2 fish tank on my list (yes, i am that much of a geek that it appealed to me.)

There’s this thing called the XShot, and basically, it’s an extension to your arm to help take self portraits. Drew has one. He packs it virtually everywhere (I’m sure of it), I saw it in use with my very own eyes when I went to FL last year for the Orlando Tour de Cure. He took our picture with it, our picture being the whole group of us.

Mary, Trevor, Alli
Courtney and Drew

For as much as I take self portraits when I’m out on my rides, I’d enjoy one of this handy dandy little photography tools.


I’d get so much more of my surroundings in the pictures and it’d be awesome to have. No more asking peeps to take pictures of me when I can take them myself. And, I bet I could mount it to my bike, I’d probably crash from the distraction of filming myself, well, ha, I could point it the other way and take you guys for a ride with me, that’d be cool too…


X, Drew had a promo code for the XShot on his site a few months back, maybe it still works, it’s SPARK0907

2 Rookie Marks On XShot – 21st day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

  1. Courtney,

    There are links on my blog where people can buy the XShot. And coincidentally I won one yesterday, or rather, it arrived yesterday.

    ...said BenSpark on December 23rd, 2008
  2. Man! I totally need one of those!

    ...said Sara on December 29th, 2008

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