Ultimate Sport Mechanic Repair Stand – 20th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Ok, I’ve gone through all the small stuff I can think of that I want, and there is one big item, and so, after this big item, I’m done with my countdown I think simply because after this post, there’s only 4 more days of shopping left…Well, ok, I take it back, there’s a few larger items that I want…maybe I’ll write about them in hopes that you’ll remember when my birthday comes around in 5 months ;)

I’d like a repair stand for my bike, right now, as in the olden days, with Papa, I just turn my bike upside down for most things, but that’s not exactly the best treatment of my bike. And for the most part, my bike treats me well, as far as I know it’s never abused me, any abuse I’ve sustained at the hands of my bike was actually because of me myself and I, I’m sure of it…

So, REI has this Ultimate Sport Mechanic Repair Stand. There’s other’s out there, but this one looks nice and sturdy, but if you go to a bike shop and the mechanics tell you something different, listen to them, they know what they’re talking about…me, well, I’m not fully qualified in this department.

Ultimate Sport Mechanic Repair Stand

pst…X…that’s it…but maybe it’s more like porky the pig…”Th-th-th-thaaaat’s all, folks!”…or is it? I guess time will tell ;)

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