Bender Ball – 19th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Crunches, I’m not a fan of them, in fact, I’d much rather do a plank than crunches, but I’ll do them. (they’re more enjoyable though when I know that Lolo is at the other end of the phone suffering along with me)

She says I should get one of those large exercise balls, I put a foam-baggish chair in my room instead…so there’s no room for a large exercise ball, but there is room for a bender ball. (that and I’ve been allured by the abs that these peeps have that use the bender ball)

Yes, I know, I actually have to use it if I want the abs…You know, looking at the picture, I think those crunches may be harder simply because you end up extended and so then there’s more of yourself to pull back up…sounds painful, but then again, ab workouts in general are painful…I can feel them for days…The result, I have hard abs under all my belly fat…

X, I’ll have a better nick name for you on Christmas day when I actually know who you are, chances I already have a nickname for you…ok, I’ll admit it, I’m cutting it close now by putting up a product that can only be bought online, but I don’t know where else to get it, there’s probably some store out there that has the “as seen on tv” section.

1 Rookie Marks On Bender Ball – 19th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

  1. Our picture makes us look like we’re doing crunches :)

    You know, from my winter x-training group I’ve learned even more cool things to do w/ an exercise ball. You can use it to exercise your core + arms and/or legs. It’s super sweet! By the way…we’re way overdue for an abs phone call!

    ...said Laura on December 24th, 2008

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