Chain Wear Indicator – 15th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Ok, there was the toolbox, and now, we begin to fill it with lots of useful tools.

As discussed sometime last week, I don’t know much of anything when it comes to fixing my bike, or keeping it in good repair, however, I am slightly smart enough to know that I want to be able to keep the simple stuff in good order so that I don’t have to replace the more expensive parts…it’s like getting an oil change for your car…or actually, with this tool I’m about to mention, it’s more like getting the belts examined.

The one thing on my bike that’s comparable to a belt on a car is my chain. If the chain wears down, it will wear down the sprockets (you know, those not really pointy pointy things that the chain sits on) and I really am in no rush to replace any sprockets (it’s more work and more money, we’ll take care of the lesser expensive stuff first ;) )

That’s why I’m in need of the Chain Wear Indicator. It will tell me when my chain is in need of replacement.

Chain Wear Indicator

Family member, can I just start referring to you as X, because you’re the unknown variable in my equation for Christmas joy? The Chain Wear Indicator can be bought right near us in our very own city of Rio Rancho at High Desert Bicycles. (It’s over there by Turtle Mountain; so if you go at dinner time, you can kill two birds with almost one stone…*shrugs* you’ll be in the right place at least…)

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