Craftsman 3-Drawer Tool Box – 14th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Tools. I love tools. I have my own tool box in the house with normal around the house tools…hammer, screw drivers, level, tape measure, etc…I have a tool box in my vehicle that has appropriate car tools…and in 2009, I will acquire more tools because of having to make the present of whomever’s name I draw (I promise you, that will require tools.) Whatever it is I decide to make for whomever I get, I’ll need tools, whether it’s crochet/knitting needles, a new saw , some new scrapbooking diecut machine…yes I love tools.

That being said, I’m lacking in the bike tools area in a big way. I use my allen wrenches from my car’s tool kit to do most the work on my bike. And when I say work, keep in mind that it’s limited…actually, I’m not sure I can call it work…it’s sadly simple stuff like adjusting my seat, tightening screws, that kind of non-work, the kind of non-work that can be done with an allen wrench.

So, for the next few days I’m going to list out some tools I want, but as with all tools, I need a place to put them. A craftsman tool chest should suffice.


I’m totally joking, I can’t have that tool chest until I get my own garage…and yes, the thought to put a garage on my list just crossed my mind, but I digress…

I would like this little toolbox.


See, all kinds of room for much needed tools and they’ll stay organized because there’s several drawers.

Ahem, family member, I know, I’ve been slacking, my list has gone un-updated for over a week. But this one’s a simple trip to the mall, to Sears to be exact…putting tools in it, well, that’s another story, one to come later…

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