Novara Stainless-Steel Water Bottle Cage – 6th day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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When it comes to cycling, I want the best. I want the best to the point that I have my eyes set on a very very expensive bike. However, I realize that the best equipment available won’t make me the best cyclist. I realize that being a great cyclist comes with time and training. Practice if you will, and practice makes perfect.

Because of this, I won’t even step near the light weight components that are available for bikes. One thing I’ve looked at often are the carbon fiber water bottle cages. They’re so slick and sexy and for the extremely good cyclist I guess getting rid of the the weight on the water bottle cage is important. To me, it’s not so important. Yet.

On this 6th day of Christmas, or the 21st days remaining Christmas shopping (yes, I had my countdown all wrong), we have my favorite water bottle cage the Novara Stainless-Steel Water Bottle Cage.

I currently have one of these on my bike and in the past I’ve have the standard run of the mill water bottle cages and honestly, there’s no difference, they all hold water bottles just the same. I will say that while I don’t need nor do I want the 17g water bottle cages, and that even though I do think all cages hold water bottles just the same, I do like things to match and that’s why I want another Novara Stainless-Steel Water Bottle Cage.

For the unknown family member that drew my name for Christmas, REI is my most favorite store. It’s about 15 miles from where we live. I could bike there in about an hour, if you drive, with traffic you could be there in about 20 minutes. I haven’t seen the socks I want in the store, but I know they have this particular water bottle cage.

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