Microflate Nano – 21st day of the Athlete’s Christmas Countdown

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Bike pumps…I used to never have to carry one on me, once I grew big enough to get a mountain bike, there was always slime in the tubes and so they never ever went flat. Even with thorns and stickers and whatnot.

When I got my road bike, the first thing I did was put slime tubes in it so that I’d not have to worry about flats while riding. And I didn’t. But boy oh boy did I hear about it when I was asked if I carried an extra tube on me when I cycle and I said no. And I justified it too, “I have slime tubes, they don’t go flat”. I got told I should always be prepared for a flat.

Up until the Day of the Tread ride, I’d never had a flat tire while riding. I’d never needed to use my CO2 cartridges for me. When I was at the Tour de Cure Colorado this year I was riding along and got asked if I had a pump and I said yeah and pulled over, when they asked for it I took the insulin pump off my hip and held it out, they looked at me and said “bike pump. do you have a bike pump?” I was a hero when I aired up some chicks tire. That was the only time my CO2 cartridge was used and worked. When I needed it when I did get a flat it didn’t work, luckily there were other riders around with hand pumps.

My little CO2 cartridge pump was unthreaded. I think I need to upgrade and get a threaded one. Plus with a threaded one I don’t need the whole entire cartridge housing because it screws together, and yes, I realize that those cartridges get really really cold as the air comes out, but I’m fairly smart, most the time I wear gloves.

Today, with 21 shopping days left until Christmas, there is the Microflate Nano.

Picture 5

What can I say, it’s small which will give me the ability to shove other things into my saddle bag, like gel, glucose tabs, stuff to make sure my diabetes is covered while I’m out there on my rides, etc…Plus, hopefully, if I ever got a flat with this in my bag, it wouldn’t be broken (what can I say, that other one broke, I think it was because of the housing, I think I cracked it somewhere, and so the air went out the crack instead of into my tubes.)

Again, to the unknown person that drew my name for Christmas, REI is the place to go. I might throw out there, in case you didn’t know, the fact that I could live in REI quite comfortably, so chances are if you walk out of there with any item, I’ll like it and use it.

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