Thoughts from black friday

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Black friday isn’t something I do. I don’t look for the deals, I don’t research which stores are opening when, I don’t pre-locate where all the items I want are, and I’m definitely not up early. Nope, black friday isn’t my thing, it exists for peeps like Markus and his mom and the millions of other people who I consider crazy enough to make up the insane crowds that make leaving the house on black friday miserable.

That being said, I ventured out of my house yesterday. But not until 4 in the afternoon, and I knew where I was going and what I wanted and I was aware that I’d probably not get a deal because it was 4 in the afternoon and not 4 in the morning.

I went to LoveSac, I wanted a Navy Blue GamerSac. And I got just that. I parked at the mall, weaved in and out of internal mall traffic, (which gave me a thought. If the walking spaces of the mall were one way only and the the cross overs were for just that, crossing over to the other side, traffic would move much smoother, because as it is people don’t respect walking on the right side. They walk on every which side and it makes things miserable because if you know where you’re going and what you want you have to weave in and out of human traffic and those stupid slow people and don’t get me started on the families with strollers and kids that insist on all walking side by side.) to find the store I wanted to find.

I went in to the busy store, sat down on a lovesac in front of their TV for a few moments, got up and made my way back to my car. I then drove my car to the nearest department store near LoveSac parked and made my way back in. That was the smartest move I’ve ever made because it was much less crowded when I arrived again.

The sales lady was just finishing up with some peeps and I asked her if she wanted to make a sale. It was the easiest sale she made all day she said because I knew what I wanted. There weren’t any deals on what I wanted and I was prepared to spend the $200, and I told her it was ok that there were no deals and after a moment of thought she said “if you walk out with it now I’ll give you 15% off the total price.” I said “sold”.

That was the least stressful black friday shopping I’ve ever done. I got what I wanted and I got it for cheaper than I had anticipated. The dealing with the human traffic in the mall part was enough to elevate my blood pressure and blood sugar. But it was all worth it, I’ve got a comfy spot now to play video games and there’s room for the dog as well.


7 Rookie Marks On Thoughts from black friday

  1. I went out and enjoyed it :P

    ...said Lisa on November 29th, 2008
  2. You both look very comfortable! :)

    I went to Wal-Mart with my mom and SIL about an hour before they closed but all we got were a few ornaments for my mom and some Diet Pepsi for me.

    ...said Sara on November 29th, 2008

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