SOCKS! Sexy Toe Socks

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After my half marathon walk a couple weeks ago, I had blisters on both my feet, and they hurt, and they were horrible. They were very much my own fault that I had gotten them because I didn’t listen to my Outlaws who had tried to convince me to get sexy toe socks on several occasions. I just kind of ignored them because toe socks weren’t my thing.

When I got my blisters I was told that if I continued to ignore the allure of the sexy toe socks that certain peeps couldn’t be responsible for what happens…that the sexy toe socks really work and that I needed to come to the dark side.

I kindof did some googling after that and decided that sexy toe socks were in my future but I never went and got a pair. Something about toe socks was just wrong.

Today, I stepped to the dark side, I bought a pair. I bought a pair of sexy toe socks. I got them in black, so they’re slimming ;) My toes are skinny lookin’ ;)

I wore them around tonight, just to kindof test drive them, they felt way weird, and then I put my shoes on and they were wonderful. And so I like my sexy toe socks, but only when my shoes are on.

The one complaint I have right now is that I don’t like my socks to be seen when I’m wearing my running shoes and the shortest I could get in the store was mini-crew. But mini-crew is still too much sock for me.

The real test will happen tomorrow morning for my 11k walk. We’ll see if I blister or not…

3 Rookie Marks On SOCKS! Sexy Toe Socks

  1. Ahhh you not only need to come to the dark side you need to come to Minnesota, I never wear socks in summer, I own about ten pair of flip-flops. Why because I’m always in a hurry so I need fast shoes, in the winter Flip-flops get cold, toes freeze at 20 degrees, but toe socks solved all my problems!… (okay just my weird Flip-flop problem)

    ...said Sue on November 21st, 2008

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