The Joy Of Blisters – Thursday Thirteen V5

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So, I’m still kindof on my half marathon high. I mean, I completed a whole half marathon without running, which was huge for my knee, and without my knee hurting when it was said and done which was huge for me. I could actually walk when I completed this half marathon which was a vast difference from the first half marathon where I couldn’t barely walk for a week.

The only thing wrong with me after the half marathon, besides my hipflexors hurting because I was making fun of the racewalkers were the blisters I had on each foot.

1) I had 1 blister on each foot just below the big toe area.

2) The one on my left foot was bigger and more impressive than the one of my right foot.

3) The one on my left foot was almost the size of a nickel. The one on my right foot was a little smaller than a dime.

4) The one on my left foot hurt more, but it was bigger and poofier and filled with more stuff than the right one. It’s my pride and joy wound from this half marathon.

5) Every morning, every day after work, and every night, I take a look at my blister because it’s that impressive to me. It’s flattened out a bit though.

6) When I came home and saw my blisters (because I had been feeling them for several miles while I was walking) I consulted a wide arrange of fellow runner peeps to find out what should be done. Half said leave it, half said lance it. And one person, the one I listened to, told me to leave it unless the pain was too much to bear. Another person concurred with her and told me to practice some restraint.

7) I walked around in pain for 2 days after the half marathon waiting for that blister to reabsorb itself. It’s still not fully reabsorbed, but it also doesn’t hurt anymore either.

8 ) I wanted to lance my blisters, except had I lanced them, I also would’ve peeled off all the skin because it would’ve bothered me that there was a pocket of skin that was for all intensive purposes not attached to my foot. And then I would’ve gotten infected feet, which is not good. And then that’s where the threats of gangrene and amputation come in.

9) It’s a good thing I didn’t lance my blisters.

10) My blisters are now more like large callouses on my feet, which are almost as bad as a blister because I’d really like to not have that skin there so I’m tempted to remove it, but again, I’m practicing restraint.

11) I’m very proud of my blisters, they’re like a battle wound that I can’t show anyone, but I can tell them all about them. They’re cool, what can I say.

12) Because of my blisters, I get to go for a shopping spree at REI for some sexy toe socks.

13) My blister wasn’t nearly as impressive as this blister:

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2 Rookie Marks On The Joy Of Blisters – Thursday Thirteen V5

  1. I am glad that you are enjoying and proud of your blister. I also found your karma post very funny. BTW, I could not watch all of the blister video – I am a wus like that!

    Happy TT!!!

    ...said Toni on October 23rd, 2008
  2. Should I clarify that I didn’t find it funny that you couldn’t walk the next day? You knew what I meant by found it funny, right?

    ...said Toni on October 23rd, 2008

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