Karma’s a MoFo

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One would think that I would’ve learned in my younger years that making fun of people won’t get you anywhere but into trouble. But then again, had I actually learned that lesson, I wouldn’t get to write about that which I’m about to write about.

So I’m walking along somewhere maybe around mile 5 during my half marathon on Sunday and the really fast racewalkers are walking past me and if you’ve never seen a racewalker, they’re as goofy lookin as all get out, but they’re faster than blue blazes.

So, they pass me, and I’m with some peeps and we’re talking about the racewalkers and I made a comment about how they look funny but they’re so fast and then I tried to imitate them. And my imitation isn’t nearly as good as what they’re doing when they’re out there, but one day, I’ll be able to do it myself.

So, everytime a racewalker would pass us, we would giggle and I’d do my imitation.

These last two days, I’ve paid for that imitation. My hipflexors are killing me so much so that I can barely walk and when I do walk, well, it’s not a pretty sight, and it’s not nearly as amusing as the racewalkers.

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