Race Day Shoes – A Duke City Half Marathon Race Report

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I’ve not seen the light of day since the 5k Skirt Chaser she ran back in September with Lolo. I got put into her tri bag and that was the end of everything because of her knee injury. The only running shoes she wears now adays are her training shoes. Since I’m the racing shoes and she’s not racing, I don’t get worn.

But then, Saturday afternoon, I got pulled out of the bag, put on, walked around in and had a timing tag put on me. That was excitement, I was going out for a race!

Race morning arrived and she was running late. She put me on, tied me and out the door we went. When we got to the starting line she found some people she had known from when she worked at Intel and decided she’d walk with them. She didn’t last long with them, they were out of the gate too fast and shin splints kicked in right before mile 1. It was reminiscent of the Bolder Boulder she did in May, except that time she was running. So we had to slow down a bit.

Considering that she wasn’t trained for this half marathon and that her longest walk since her injury from her first half marathon was only 5 miles, we did well. There were no complaints until mile 8 when she wanted to run and couldn’t because that would be an automatic DQ (yes, automatic DQ, when you register for a walk, you have to walk, you can’t run, if you want to run, you register to run). So her not being able to run frustrated her to no end. We just had to keep walking, and she wasn’t happy with that, that was where she just kind of gave up. That was where time didn’t matter anymore and she just wanted to be done.

At mile 9 the attitude went way down hill as she started hurting, her feet were hurting, for the first time in her life she got blisters on her feet. They weren’t my fault, I’m blaming it on the socks. Remember, I’m a good pair of shoes, I’m what she ran her first half marathon in, and she didn’t blister that day, so it’s all the socks fault. Mile 9 is also where she started feeling low, and sure enough she was. You should see the attitude she gets when she feels low, you think the attitude she gets when she is low is bad, it’s worse when she actually feels it. That’s a feeling she doesn’t like one bit.

We finished the walk, and we finished it strong, we finished it too strong, and she felt that, she wanted to just all out run the last mile.

Her head says it’s about time, her heart says she wants to run, her knee says she can’t run, and so her shoes, me, I say, let’s just finish, even if we have to walk, it’s ok. We can walk 500 miles, and it may not even take us that long if she really thinks about racewalking, she could walk as fast as she could run if she’d just train.

6 Rookie Marks On Race Day Shoes – A Duke City Half Marathon Race Report

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