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It’s been a while since I’ve actually taken the time to really do any training/working out…in fact, it’s been a couple weeks. I fell off all kinds of wagons what can I say…

So, last night, I called Lolo and asked if we could do 2 bike rides, a swim and a run this week; but when I was asking that, I forgot all about her triathlon that she has on Saturday and that she’s tapering this week. Luckily for me she’s all about meeting me in the middle so I’m getting in a bike ride, a swim, and an ab workout. Tonight’s hardcore ab workout. If I keep this up, I’ll have nice abs and a good core.

Tonight’s workout came from Women’s Health Magazine and it’s entitled Gold Medal Abs. I couldn’t do all the moves because I didn’t have all the equipment (and one of them is near impossible anyways, The Wicked Wiper, which if there’s one person I think can do it, it’s Nancy because she’s got a rock solid core).

I was able to do 7 out of the 9 moves and for the 2 I couldn’t do, they were substituted with the plank and the bicycle crunch.

I did the whole routine and then I did it again. I was hurting when I was done. Heck, I was hurting before I was done. But, pain is beauty, and aren’t these abs beautiful:

Yup, those are the goal…and when I get there, I’ll be abaliscious.

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