Whipped By A 1 Hour Bike Ride

By Courtney | No Rookie Marks »

It had been 3 days short of a month when I got on my bike this past Saturday. I was only going to ride for an hour because my knee has been bugging me and my energy has been sapped since my half marathon over a month ago.

I figured that since before I took a cycling hiatus I was able to keep up with my Outlaws for the first hour at which they’d ride between an 18-20mph pace, that I’d still be able to do it. It didn’t happen, and it was largely pathetic.

Within 15 minutes I went low and fell from the pack. Of course, I didn’t think I was low, and the low wasn’t confirmed till about 20 minutes into the ride. I went from 18 mph to 13 mph, they were all waiting for me, I pricked my finger, and ate a GU and we continued on.

I still couldn’t keep up with them, and this is where I decided it was more than just my low blood sugar, this was the consequence of not being in the saddle for almost a month.

I told Dread Pirate that I was exhausted and that I was going to fall back and she said “we’re almost there, come on, get up here” That was with like 4 miles to go.

It wasn’t the greatest ride, and it whipped me in a bad way. I’m not usually exhausted after 17 miles, this day, I was. I was just beat. I did 17 miles in an hour 7 minutes.

What I realized is that I can’t take hiatus’; it costs me. Big time.

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