If I lived on Wisteria Lane

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When I told her (the woman in my dream) about my dream, she said that her sister says that her (the woman in my dream) neighborhood reminds her (the sister) of Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. That right there, two words “Wisteria Lane” very much fit for what my dream was.

I was a newly wed, married to a very handsome man named Gregory, he was tall and had dark hair and green eyes. He asked me where I’d like to live, and I told him, you pick, I don’t mind. The next thing I know, I’m living in a massive house with a nice lawn out front.

If I were looking at the street, the house to the left of mine, was a little bit smaller, but their yard was very nicely done, and the back yard was a back yard to be coveted. The lawn was huge and nicely groomed and perfectly green, and there were beautiful flower bushes on the outskirts of the lawn. The house was white and a 2 story, but then again, so was mine.

There were white picket fences around all the front yards. It appeared to be the perfect neighborhood.

I was out front tending to my yellow rose bushes when the neighbor, from the house to the left, comes over, she’s wearing a light pink sundress and she’s carrying a plate of nicely organized cookies. They were stacked just perfectly. As she introduced herself, I knew exactly who she was and where I was (because I wasn’t aware up to this point) and I called back behind me to where the front door was “Gregory, you moved me to [insert state here]!”

I woke up with the most vivid images in my head and when I started asking the woman from my dream all kinds of questions, most of the things I saw from my dream were spot on. It’s crazy because I’ve never been to the state where she is, heck, I’ve never even met her, I’ve only talked to her on the phone, I know very little about the area where she lives.

Oh, and for the record, I probably wouldn’t tell my husband (that I currently don’t have) that we could move anywhere, that was the strangest part of the dream I think, just telling him that we could move anywhere…

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