I stole a car

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Anxiety dreams are ramping up, except instead of just not getting where I need to be, more interesting things are happening along the way…like me stealing cars.

I was wandering around aimlessly in the middle of the day with a knapsack on my back and a notepad in my hand. Like, a moleskine notepad, one of the larger ones. I was on the hunt for something but not quite sure exactly what it was I was hunting for. I was in an extremely nice neighborhood with big houses and nice cars.

At one point, I walk up to this one house that has this really nice white car sitting out in the drive way, I walk past it, up to the patio area, unlatch the gate and I sit down to try and think about what it is that I’m doing.

As I’m sitting there, I’m staring at the car thinking about how it’s a very nice car and it’d be able to take me anywhere that I want/need to go. So I get up and go to the car, it’s not unlocked, but there’s also no place for a key to go either. The car, it talked to me, said it needed to scan my eye. Thinking I’d never be able to get into that car, I walk away from it. I hear something behind me unlatch and as I turn around, I see the door open. Being that the door opened, I approach it and I sit down in the car. It was really nice in that car.

And as I’m sitting there in the car admiring it, a car with a bunch of teenagers drives up, two hop out, and the car drives off to another drive way where it drops off more kids, and this goes on for like 3 driveways. At the driveways, the kids are breaking into cars. Of course, the car I’m in, I’ve already broken into (if I can say that) and so one of the kids, a girl, taller and bulkier than me, grabs my shirt throws me up into the air, hangs onto me, and then slams me into the ground. It knocked the breath out of me. But I was livid, I wasn’t gonna let some person steal a car that I had practically almost stolen myself, so I get up, and I pull the same move on her. Except she doesn’t get up, she’s bleeding there on the concrete. The guy that was with her, runs away scared. I was scared too, there was a chick at my feet bleeding, and not moving. But, instead of worrying about her at that point, I worry about me and start feeling my ribs to make sure I’m intact.

The car was still open and I still had no clue where I was going so I went back to the table where my notepad was and I start writing things down. Then, I touch them with my finger and a little screen in the middle of the page materializes and shows me what I’ve written in google.

At this point, I decide that if anything knows where I’m going, it will be travelocity, because if I made plans to go somewhere, I made them on travelocity. so I write and I touch but travelocity isn’t coming up. I’m getting aggravated. I know I have somewhere to be, I just don’t know where that place is. I close the notebook and head back to the car, the garage door opens when i sit down and I’m staring into a giant toybox. There were road bikes and mountain bikes and kayaks and camping gear and backpacks and ice picks and ropes and harnesses, it was an adventurists dream.

I loaded a kayak and a mtn bike on the roof of the car and then I packed camping gear. I got in the car, the door closed behind me, the garage closed in front of me, and the car took off without me ever doing anything. Concerned that I still didn’t know where I was going, I opened my notepad, it turns out I hadn’t written “travelocity” and that I had written “twitter”.

And then, sadly, I woke up.

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  1. Hi Courtney!
    I just accidentally found your blog, when I typed in “Bottomless Triathlon.” I had lunch with you after the Socorro race: “The Pocket Assassin” :)
    Funny enough–I just had an anxiety dream myself–one of those surreal mixes of current and past environments (HI and CA) mixed up with a large number of sketchy characters….
    I didn’t realize your ride was coming up so soon. Have fun, enjoy the ride, take care of those knees and take care of yourself!

    ...said skoshi on August 21st, 2008

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