Hundred Push Up Challenge

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Hundred Push Ups

These days of rest are difficult, because really, whatever I didn’t do the day before, in my mind is up for grabs on my days of rest. But, alas, all the books and peoples and websites say rest is important. Normally, I’d run myself into the ground before I rested, but I’m learning new stuff.

So, Monday’s are always days of rests, simply because I probably went out and pushed myself hard over the weekend, at least one day or another.

Last night however, I figured, there’s other stuff I can be doing, it’s almost like resting, because it’s not that hard. HA! that’s what I thought, it’s not that hard…

I’ve been reading blogs as I get the chance and someone mentioned something about the hundred push up challenge and then GeekGrl posted about doing a whole 2 pushups and that brought to the front of my mind the hundred push up challenge.

What this is, is a 6 week training plan to take you from how ever many push ups you can do at a time (for me this was 5, that’s 5 good form push ups) to being able to do 100 consecutive push ups.

I figure, this is actually good because I’ll build upper body strength, which is going to help me, I think, in swimming. I don’t ever think I’ve been so excited to be doing push ups, but something about being able to do 100 in a row, that’s pretty cool. That, and it’s a challenge.

5 Rookie Marks On Hundred Push Up Challenge

  1. Oka, 2, I could do 2. That is so sad. I am going to start the challenge on Monday! I can’t wait to see how high I can get!!! Thanks for the link!

    ...said Toni on July 23rd, 2008
  2. You can do it Toni! If you have to, start with the girly pushups, they’re a little bit easier. They’re what I was doing last year when I was doing pushups, it’ll help build your strength until you can get to the regular ones :)

    ...said Courtney on July 23rd, 2008
  3. Do “girl” push ups count?

    I’m such a girl!!! :)

    ...said Laura on July 30th, 2008
  4. hrm, i know you can do real push ups, i know those arms of yours have got to be strong with all that swimming you do ;)

    but, we can make an exception for you, you can do “girl” push ups if you do them in your girly running skirt ;)

    ...said Courtney on July 30th, 2008

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