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Did you know that 136 is the magic number for people that aren’t diabetic. It’s the number that says “you are diabetic” (all this coming from my sister of course, and her doctor, the PCOS doctor, I don’t get the correlation, but I also don’t care enough to ask).

136! If I were 136 all the time, I’d be ecstatic. 136 is an excellent number. It screams to me, I’m not high, I’m not low, I’m just perfect, I’m 136. For my sister it says “you’re diabetic”. I don’t get it, I don’t fully understand it. I like the number 136, she’s afraid of it. But then I have to remember from a conversation last week that what I deem as bad or good is what is bad or good for me and not necessarily any other person.

But seriously, 136, that’s a good number, I did gently argue with my sister about how my decent range can go safely to 150 even if I do prefer it between 100-120, but 136, it’s not bad, for me.

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