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I was at Walgreens tonight because I needed a specific notebook, Office Max was closed, Target and Walmart failed me. I was standing in the check out line and the Tic Tacs were calling for me. Tic Tacs haven’t really called for me since before I got diabetes. I used to eat them like candy, but not so much since the summer of 1992.

I think they were calling to me tonight because I have recently watched Juno and the image of Orange Tic Tacs is burned in my brain.

So, I’m standing in line, and I really want Orange Tic Tacs. They don’t have them, but they have Cherry and Passion Fruit, that’s close enough to Orange in my head. I grab a pack and immeadiately flip it over to look at the carb content. 0g carbs, I was wowed. I flipped the package back over. Nowhere did it say “Sugar Free”. It just didn’t compute. I never look for the label sugar free simply because it doesn’t usually matter. Just because it says “Sugar Free” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have carbs, and where there are carbs there’s some intake of insulin.

The first ingredient on the label was sugar. Maybe I don’t understand my sugars. Maybe sugars don’t contribute to carbs. But I’m thinking that maybe definitely those Tic Tacs had carbs and I needed to dose for them.

That container of Tic Tacs was gone in less than ten minutes. They were tangy, sweet, and delicious.

after careful observation of the package it turns out that after the 0g carbs there was a little symbol. After following the little symbol there turns out to be less that .5g carbs per serving. A serving being 1 Tic Tac. If I had to take a shot in the dark, less that .5 would be like .3 because they have to round up. I easily had 25-30 Tic Tacs. So, I’m figuring 7.5 to 9 carbs in that package. For me, that’s almost 2 units of insulin. It makes a difference.

On another note, who actually opens a package of Tic Tacs and only eats 1?

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