O is for Opinionated

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O is for Opinionated

Have I mentioned that it’s getting harder and harder to write these entries? I’m having to go to other people to find words that describe me. Tonight I sought the opinion of someone that has seen me grow over the last 5 years. A very good friend. I told her I needed a word for “O” among the words she thought of were obstinate, objective, and observation. But she thought of the perfect word when she was thinking of a “Q” word. She said “oh! I have the perfect word for the letter O” and thus we got, opinionated.

o·pin·ion·at·ed [uh-pin-yuh-ney-tid]
  obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit of one’s own opinions; conceitedly dogmatic

Opinionated fits me rather well. I am one heck of an opinionated person, and I’m not afraid to share it. It’s gotten me into trouble occassionally, well, that occassionally probably happens more often than not, but I can’t help it sometimes. What I think, needs to be heard especially when it’s over some heated something or other (but there are times when I don’t say a word or I speak very little, and yes, I’m aware that those times don’t happen very often.)

I think my opinion is most famous from when I was in college (I think). I had quite the reputation in college because I wasn’t afraid to tell professors what I thought. It was kindof funny sometimes, students were afraid to speak because they knew that I’d have something to say. I had a job where I got told that whenever I wanted to talk about something I had to have the data/facts to support it. I applied it in school, so, professors/students would say something and I’d battle it if I had a good reason and something to support it.

I can’t say that all my opinions are supported by data/facts, but I share them anyways.

3 Rookie Marks On O is for Opinionated

  1. You! ? ! Opinionated? I don’t believe it for a second!

    ...said Bob on April 18th, 2008
  2. No, *shakes head* I’m not opinionated at all. No opinions from me whatsoever. hehe

    ...said Courtney on April 18th, 2008

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