G is for Goofy

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G is for Goofy

goof·y [goo-fee]
  ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty

I can be quite the goofy kid. If I had to say where the majority of my goofiness comes from I’d have to say I get it from my dad. The most recent bit of goofiness that I can remember is a week ago sitting at scrapbook night I had pulled out a gluestick and it was all dried out. Shelley, the lady sitting next to me made a comment and I said, “oh no, it’s ok, you just gotta lick it, that will moisten it right back up” and as I was saying that I made the motion of sticking out my tongue and running the gluestick across it. As I was finishing this motion, mom happened to look up from her work and said “that’s her not on drugs, and she doesn’t get it from me, there’s another person in the house that she takes after.” Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

The Goofiness extends beyond what I get from my dad though. Two thanksgivings ago, I was home helping my mom put up the Christmas tree and a song came on the radio that I knew (we were listening to oldies) and some of the ornaments that we were putting on the tree were icicles. One of those icicles became my microphone as I decided to sing along with the song (which, by the way, I can’t sing).

Then there’s the, “see that thing over there, that would make a great picture if I’d do blah blah blah”. It was that train of thought that last year had a frog come home from church with me so that I could get into my prom dress from my senior year (which would’ve been 7 years old at the time) so that I could have mom take pictures of me kissing the frog. (You know, like the frog prince.)

There’s also the look goofy part of me, a couple years ago I decided that my outfits for the summer were going to be surf shorts (like the long bermuda shorts kinds not the short surf shorts), polos, and Chucks (as in Converse Shoes, Chuck Taylor, the hightop ones).

Goofiness to me translates into fun, so you can bet that with me, there’s plenty of goofy to go around.

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